Books Update

The main challenge for this goal isn't going to be completing these books. It's going to be refraining from starting 10 more while I do.

Remember when I wrote that a month ago? I remember. As of today, I've gotten no closer to completing any of the books on my list, and I bought two books this week:

Badass: Make Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

Demand-Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta

This may be a situation where if I'm going to reach my goal of finishing these books this year, I'm gonna have to do it with math. Number of days pages left divided by number of days in the year, and Bob's yer Uncle. There are three audio books in my list, so I'm not sure how quickly those will go. I tend to have a harder time sitting still for those than I do when I read traditional copies.

So, having crunched the numbers, here's what we're looking at:

Total pages: 1,227

Days left: 86

Pages per day needed: 14.27

I'm actually really surprised at how attainable that seems compared to how monumental the task looks when I peek over at my stack of unreads. I might be able to do this, yet.