Building in Public

Here's the Twitter thread of this endeavor.

I set out to make something of this website in short order and here, on day 2, I publish my first set of changes. I won't list them all here as you can check the thread above for those details, but one of the changes is this post.

I've wanted to get into a daily writing routine for some time, and it's energizing to finally be embarking on that goal. Most of tonight's updates involved adding styling tweaks and placeholder images to the Work and Art pages and while I'd like to write more, the battery in this ancient MacBook is losing steam and I'm too lazy to go get the charger and plug it in. One of the exciting things about writing / publishing more frequently is that the preciousness of each post drops dramatically when you know there's another one right around the corner. It can be paralyzing knowing that this is the only fresh thing going up on the site for who-knows how long. That's the pattern I've followed forever, and thanks to a recent (within the last year or so) change in working philosophy, I feel confident I can leave it behind.

Thanks to a chance following of Jack Butcher on Twitter, I've taken up one of his tenets and decided to chronicle this website resurrection project "in public", giving daily updates (link above) as I go. I rarely used to post on social media, so this is another change for me. It's unknown whether or not this will spark something that continues longer than the project, so we'll have to wait and see, I guess.