Reading Pace: 91.25 Books Per Year

Macro photograph of the edge of a hardbound book

Based on the current numbers, that title is true. I'm picking up where I left off last year and leaning hard into reading more books this year. I don't usually finish a book in under a week, but I sped through last year's release by Scott Adams, Loserthink. The title seems condescending until you understand that it uses "loser" as the noun and not the adjective, as in the one who lost. To put it another way, the opposite of loserthink is the kind of productive thinking that will potentially lead to more successes than failures.

I'm not sure if I'll compile my thoughts about each book I read this year and post them here, but I'm excited about my quick start to the stack of books I got over the holidays. I keep finding more to read than I'll be able to get to, but that's nothing new. I already started Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and I can tell by the first few pages that this one will go quickly as well. I highly doubt it will match my 4-day pace, but as long as I stay interested I don't care how long it takes. There are a few books I'm struggling through that are more like medicine than education. No bueno. Here's to the new year and getting better in every way. 💪🏻