I Got Five Minutes

I have six minutes to write something. Make that five. Today has been tough. Not tough in the sense that anything bad has happened, but in the context of my new routine of getting up early, exercising, drawing, reading, and writing, it's been a grind. This is day four, and after a fantastic day three, it's a feeling of coming back down to earth. Unsurprisingly, it has everything to do with my sleepiness. I don't feel mentally fatigued, as if the activities are too intense, I simply feel like I didn't get enough sleep last night. Which is odd, considering I slept the longest I have all week. I don't know if I believe in fatigue "catching up" with someone, but perhaps the first two days my body and mind were in denial. I feel less confident about the drawing today than I did yesterday. Yesterday's was one for the ages and although today's wasn't bad, it wasn't as good. Ten seconds left. There's something more to that, I think. A great drawing really puts wind in my sails and whatever happened before or after is less important. Gonna think about that some more. Time's up. 🙃