Fulcrum Blog

An illustration series for the Fulcrum Product blog, 2016-2019.

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Before focusing on Product Design full time, I handled all the marketing design at Fulcrum which included creating featured illustrations for our blog posts.

We went through a fairly prolific content creation spell with high levels of writing participation from the team, so I got to do a ton of illustrations. I was given total freedom which led to some pretty fun ones.

Layered maps on a purple background
Grid of boxes on a plum background
Wave line bisecting a blue background with green arrow pointing to the right
Green AGS logo overlaying a green map
Fulcrum icon on a blue background patterned with gear icons
Empty battery icon on blue & purple gradient background
Blue terrain map background underneath interconnected checkboxe icons
Fleet of tiny truck illustrations arranged in groups that form triangles
Navy blue background with graphs and charts overlaid
Google Sheets icon with graphic extension chords attaching from both sides
Isometric cube of the Fulcrum logo atop a yellow background with a pattern of arrows
Fulcrum icon with hand-drawn arrows pointint to it, flanked by muscle and thumbs-up emojis on an orange background
Map icons perched on water droplets sliding down a v-shaped funnel toward a single page icon
Fulcrum and Docker logos on a blue & purple gradient background
Large Google Calendar icon & smaller Fulcrum icon overlaying a blue abstraction of a calendar
Pen & paper icon with a gold star at the top on a light blue background
Fulcrum logo overlaying a green barcode
Fulcrum & Carto logos with arrows pointing to each other
Fulcrum icon on a blue background with faded photo of an audience with their hands up
Three identical icons of a fulcrum-branded server, each more covered in vegetation than the last
Fulcrum icon centered on a graphic of Earth with various software logos in orbit
Fulcrum icon centered on a graphic of Earth with a gear and chat icon in orbit
Fulcrum icon centered on a graphic of Earth with an illustration of a workflow above
Fulcrum padlock icon over a navy blue map of Europe and the European Union ring of gold stars
Fulcrum icon centered in a modified Google Drive icon
Globe icon overlaying a green background patterned with lat long values
Isometric map with various colored routes and pins
Map with various software icons as pins
Google Maps icon with Fulcrum icon and a large map pin between them
Illustrations of 2 mobile devices between strips of torn paper on a blue background
Forshortened view of a mobile device with Fulcrum icons stood up where app icons would be
Android, desktop, and iOS devices on a blue background with the Fulcrum logo in the middle
Fulcrum-branded paper shredder icon over a teal background
Google Sheets icon with colored bar charts below it overlaying an abstraction of a spreadsheet
Google Sheets icon overlaying an abstraction of a spreadsheet
Google Sheets icon with an arrow pointing to a globe icon overlaying an abstraction of a spreadsheet
Icons of abstract people with one spotlighted on a blue background
Fulcrum icon over a green abstract map background
Green background with Spatial Networks icon behind a white up-arrow icon
Green background with snow and an evergreen tree pattern behind a Fulcrum gift box illustration