Fulcrum / Spatial Networks

2010 - Present | Branding | Marketing Design | UI | UX | Product Design

Fulcrum is a Low-code SaaS platform designed to help companies modernize their mobile data collection workforce.

Spatial Networks, creators of Fulcrum, offered products and services to collect, analyze, and manage ground collected geospatial data.

I was recruited by Spatial Networks in 2010 to be the UI Designer for Allinspections, a home inspection-based data collection platform and precursor to Fulcrum. When Allinspections folded two years later, I stayed on to handle product and marketing design for Fulcrum. In addition to my product work, I also took on corporate branding, marketing, and environmental design work for Spatial Networks, which had its own customer base under their DaaS (Data as a service) model. In late 2012 I was promoted to Creative Director, overseeing the standards of design quality for our existing products as well as providing conceptual design support for any potential new business ventures spearheaded by the CEO.